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donut + one direction obsessed, i only care about girls + baby otters + harry styles' happiness.

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Friday August 22nd - 12:00am

i have a bunch of clothes ive bought that clash with my pink hair at the bottom of my drawers. theyre brand new + never been worn + sometimes i just take them out + hold them close to me. one day my pretties, one day.

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Thursday August 21st - 11:24pm

Shake It Off (Acoustic) - Taylor Swift (x)

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Thursday August 21st - 11:06pm

@nlyonne giving us some serious bedroom EYE. Hubba Hubba. [x]

@nlyonne giving us some serious bedroom EYE. Hubba Hubba. [x]

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Thursday August 21st - 9:25pm

me + lavendermenaces

me + lavendermenaces

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Thursday August 21st - 9:19pm

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Thursday August 21st - 8:11pm

i call everyone baby goose tbh. you’re all my baby geese, love you.

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Thursday August 21st - 7:53pm


By James Fitzgerald III for Wonderzine

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Thursday August 21st - 5:42pm

i thought yeah i can go out today, i won’t get sick + im close to home in case i do, everything will be fine. end up getting very sick, almost pass out, have to have people look after me + drive me home where i throw up chicken nachos. never leaving the house again.

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Thursday August 21st - 12:14am


share a coke with your own crippling sense of loneliness and inability to be mentally present in the real world

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Wednesday August 20th - 11:19pm

"Yes, Sylvia died. And already she has been dead too long. She wrote me a few times from England — but always about her life. About her death she was silent. Damn it. And then, maybe — maybe not — it was her business. Everyone runs around condemning her for it and I say: She had a right! After all she had the suicide in her. As I do. As many of us do. But, if we’re lucky, we don’t get away with it and something or someone forces us to live."

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